Album tArt

Music has moved to predominately digital distribution. As it goes digital, the context of album art is being changed. Album art is by no way disappearing, but the physicality of it is. Now album art is being displayed in iTunes cover flow, iPods and other digital devices. As it is no longer a tangible object, often times music is released without album art. For example, Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' was initially released without art and a large community rose up to design custom covers for their album. This trend of customizing artwork is going to continue, and in the future, why not go get your music at the site where the music looks best? (hint: Album tArt)

Album tArt is a place where people can find album art. Yes, the official artwork is available, but more interesting is the lively community of custom album art created by designers to respond to an album, better the original artwork, or provided artwork for albums without any official art. Now there is really no excuse for those unsightly grey boxes in your digital music collection.

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